Who is Dream Team?

Our mission is to raise the bar on “house flipping”. It is our belief that a beautifully crafted home takes a team to complete. We consider each and every contactor, and sub-contractor, as a viable part of our team to make the homes we dream and design come together. Every project will be permitted and our team contractors are licensed and insured. From taking care of our investors, working side by side with our contractors, to handing the keys off to future buyers – we take integrity seriously.

Michaele Moore

Born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama I am proud to invest in revitalizing the homes in my community. Etowah County has been a great place for me to raise my children, and now as a grandmother we are enjoying all this area has to offer. I feel a deep, personal responsibility to make sure that each home we renovate is a hazard-free, beautiful, comfortable home. As a mother who watched her child purchase their first home from an amateur “house flipper”  and bought what was advertised as a complete rehab but ended up with a safety hazard and spending over $20,000 to fix issues that were done by unlicensed contractors – my motivation is make sure we are doing a quality job every time so families are not blind sided.  I don’t just want to “flip” a house – As Dream Team we want to create a comfortable, safe, beautifully styled and updated home.

Steve King

I moved to Alabama 35 years ago to work in the packaging field. I fell in love with the area for its natural resources, as well as for its proximity to the beach and the mountains. Nothing is more fun that taking my grandson fishing on my boat or taking a hike in the woods. I have always enjoyed working on customers’ packaging problems and finding equitable solutions for over 40 years and now my attention is turned to doing so for family residences. There is nothing more fulfilling than taking a “tired” home and breathing new life into and making it the talk of the neighborhood. Quality and integrity is everything.

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